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MESSOTRON has been a specialist in the field of inductive measurement technology for many years. We develop and manufacture high-quality transducers for industrial applications with a focus on dynamic position and displacment measurement.

The wide product range includes LVDT/LVIT sensors, eddy current sensors, vibration sensors, magnetostrictive transducers and rotary encoders as well as measuring amplifiers and signal conditioning electronics.

MESSOTRON also offers a comprehensive installation service to power stations and and industrial customers in the field of condition monitoring,  machine protection of large rotating machines such as turbines, pumps, blowers, compressors, motors electrical installation as well as electrical installation, commissioning and testing of electrical equipment.

LVDT/LVIT Transducers
Magnetostrictive Sensors
Proximity Sensors
Vibration Sensors
Rotary Encoders
Elastomere Sensors
Electronics / Measuring Amplifiers
OEM / Custom Made
Special Designs

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We will be happy to develop a suitable solution for you, even for small and medium quantities. We accompany you through the development process from conception and design to prototyping, certification and series production of your product. Just ask us!

Our quality promise


ISO certified

We are certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and NLF/ILO-OSH 2001 (ASM). Quality you can rely on!


Robust and durable

Safe and field-proven solutions for critical applications such as power plants, aerospace or deep-sea applications.


Made in Germany

Our manufacturing is local and 100% Made in Germany, so we can react quickly and flexibly to your needs.

Power plant service

Our independent service in the field of machine monitoring and condition monitoring includes installation, testing, maintenance and replacement of sensor technology for condition monitoring, as well as for machine protection.

Applications range from shaft vibration, bearing vibration and axial position, relative expansion to speed monitoring and air gap measurement on shafts and rotors of large rotating machinery such as gas and steam turbines, generators, pumps, blowers and compressors. 

We install, test, replace and calibrate sensor technology both on site and in our in-house laboratory. 

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MESSOTRON is established in numerous critical applications such as power plant technology, automotive manufacturing, oil and gas, aviation, railway technology, mining, underwater, high pressure and high temperature applications. 

Draw on decades of experience in the implementation of special designs of sensor technology in mechanical and plant engineering.

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Application examples


Building monitoring

Short-term or permanent acquisition of measurement data on buildings, bridges, traffic routes, etc.

Monitoring of cracks, joints, expansion as well as vibration measurement and analysis.

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Testing machines

Position measurement of servo-hydraulic testing machines and test cylinders and test stands of all kinds.

Position and distance measurement for machine and plant construction.

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Servoventile Hydraulik1

Valves / Cylinder construction

Control and shut-off valves for hydraulic, gas and water applications.

Measurement of axial and rotational movements under pressure and temperature, as well as for underwater use.

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