Made in Germany - since 1973

MESSOTRON is a company that has been successfully established in the market for almost 50 years with an impressive customer base and already more than one million installed sensors. Its success is based on core values such as strong customer orientation, high flexibility, as well as utmost reliability in all aspects of its business.

A brief review


At the end of the 1960s, Prof. Dr Alfred Hennig was involved in various areas of industrial technology, from vacuum technology to vibration technology and measurement technology. This gave rise to MESSOTRON in 1973, with an increasing focus on linear position measurement technology for industrial and scientific applications.

What started out as a small company has continuously developed into an established manufacturer with a growing customer base, even beyond the borders of Germany, due to its exceptional customer orientation and flexibility, as well as its proven quality. And always with products "Made in Germany".

The steady development continued with the entry of further shareholders even after the sudden death of the founder in 1997. In addition to the focus on inductive displacement/position measurement technology, the ideally complementary field of eddy current measurement technology was established in 2007 with the takeover of the Hamburg company "Sensorie".

Today, the company's philosophy is still based on the almost unrivalled experience and flexibility built up over decades in the development and manufacture of application-specific displacement/position sensor technology, from individual items to OEM series.

Quality standard

"Quality means the customer comes back - not the goods"

Hermann Tietz

We have set this quote as our goal. Quality means for us:

  • the ability and flexibility to adapt to customer needs
  • reliable customer service and dependable order processing
  • careful manufacture of all products from high-quality materials with final individual testing
  • robust, proven long-life products, with mostly maintenance-free operation over decades
  • long-term deliverability over decades - we also resupply products that are decades old
We develop and manufacture our products "Made in Germany" and have our understanding of quality regularly confirmed with ISO 9001 certification.

Service promise

"Service is always the individual case."


You can expect a lot from us, and we do. Our service promise is derived from our core values:

  • Highest customer orientation
  • Flexibility and speed of action
  • Reliability towards all our business partners

Delivery times

Our standard delivery time for standard products is 4-6 weeks. We adhere to the stated delivery times, and we do a great deal to ensure this. Delivery delays therefore occur in less than 1% of orders, even in times of very difficult procurement markets.

Customer-specific designs and customisation developments can often be implemented and produced within 6-8 weeks. The delivery time depends on the size of the project and the effort involved.


Accessibility and response times

We are available for you during business hours from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and always endeavour to respond to your written enquiries within a maximum of 2 days. Our installation and power plant service is also available to you for emergencies on weekends and public holidays by arrangement.

Express service

If an urgent or emergency situation arises and a delivery part or replacement unit is urgently needed, please use our express service at extra cost. We then manufacture with the highest priority and can deliver many products at very short notice, if necessary in just a few days.

Long term availability

Long-term availability and subsequent deliverability is an important logistical criterion. Our products remain available for a very long time - usually at least 20 years. Not all products are published on the homepage. Please contact us if you have any questions.

If a competitor's product is no longer available, we are the specialist with many years of experience and can offer you a compatible alternative in many cases.