What can we do for you?

The selection, installation and maintenance of test and measuring equipment require special care and know-how. This applies all the more in critical applications, e.g. in power plants or large industrial machines. We offer you numerous technical services through our mobile team and our in-house laboratory to power plants and industrial customers worldwide:


Turbine Monitoring

Condition monitoring for power plants: shaft and bearing vibration, absolute and relative shaft position, thermal expension, speed, phase angle, pressure, temperature, etc. 

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Machine Monitoring

Condition monitoring for large equipment like turbines, generators, pumps, blowers, compressors, rolling mills, conveyor belts etc.

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Repair / Testing

Testing and calibration of sensors on site and in the in-house laboratory in the area of distance measurement and vibration testing

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Spare Parts Service

Selection and procurement of spare parts and replacement products for power plant technology and machine monitoring

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Development of Sensors / Electronics

Special solutions and development of sensors and electronics for small to medium quantities and prototypes

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Manufacturing Services

Design and manufacture of components in the field of turning, milling, grinding, TIG, laser, vacuum welding, electronics

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