Spare parts service and procurement

If, after many years in use, sensors or measurement electronics have to be replaced by the system operator for reasons of precautionary replacement or a defect, the problem often arises that the original manufacturers no longer offer the product or have even disappeared from the market altogether.

In the best case, the customers were still informed of the product discontinuation by the manufacturer in the course of a "last call". In most cases, however, the problem only becomes apparent when there is a concrete requirement for the replacement. This can lead to considerable stress and difficulties because a lot of effort has to be expended within a short time to find an adequate replacement product, often in vain.


Stress-free with our spare parts service

Due to years of experience in the field of machine monitoring and plant engineering with regard to sensor technology, MESSOTRON has access to numerous manufacturer information and contacts that simplify the procurement of replacement parts. Be it in the form of specifications, documentation and drawings or in the form of supply sources or our own spare parts warehouse. We will be happy to help you find and procure a possible replacement product.

Should it not be possible to find a replacement product on the market, you can always fall back on one of our special solutions. As a medium-sized manufacturer with local production, we specialise in small to medium quantities and can often offer a suitable solution through customised design.

Sensors and electronics as replacement / exchange product

Here is a selection of manufacturers and products for which we have already supplied replacement or exchange products:

  • AEG / MMG Measuring amplifier
  • AEG / MMG Oscillator
  • AEG / MMG LVDT sensor
  • AEG / MMG limit indicator
  • AEG / MMG relay cards
  • AEG / MMG Measuring amplifier
  • AEG / MMG Measuring amplifier
  • AEG / MMG Measuring amplifier
  • EPRO MMS Measuring amplifier
  • EPRO MMS converter
  • PHILIPS / EPRO LVDT sensor PR6423, PR6424, etc.
  • PHILIPS / EPRO Vibration sensor PR92XX
  • PHILIPS / EPRO Speed sensor PR93XX
  • PHILIPS / EPRO Converter CON010
  • PHILIPS / EPRO Converter CON011
  • PHILIPS / EPRO Converter CON0XX
  • PHILIPS / EPRO Converter CSI
  • PHILIPS / EPRO Relay card REL
  • PHILIPS / EPRO Speed Measuring amplifier REL
  • PHILIPS / EPRO Oscillator PR99XX
  • PHILIPS / EPRO Measuring amplifier SDM
  • PHILIPS / EPRO Measuring amplifier VBM
  • PHILIPS / EPRO Measuring amplifier VLD
  • PHILIPS / EPRO Measuring amplifier VCA
  • PHILIPS / EPRO Measuring amplifier ADM
  • PHILIPS / EPRO Measuring amplifier AMP
  • PHILIPS / EPRO Measuring amplifier DAM
  • PHILIPS / EPRO Measuring amplifier FMA
  • PHILIPS / EPRO Measuring amplifier MAI
  • PHILIPS / EPRO Measuring amplifier MAS
  • PHILIPS / EPRO Measuring amplifier OSC
  • PHILIPS / EPRO Limit indicator TLD
  • PHILIPS / EPRO fuse card SP
  • PHILIPS / EPRO voltage transformer AOI
  • Precisor displacement sensor and LVDT sensor KA
  • HBM WA displacement sensor
  • REUTER / SPS supply unit
  • REUTER / LVDT sensor K20135
  • REUTER / amplifier DMS
  • VIBROMETER / evaluation electronics VM600 IOCT4
  • TWK / LVDT sensor IW120
  • AMOS LVDT Verstärker
  • SONY DG50 / DG100 / DG155 / DG205

Do you need more information?

For more information about additional sensor applications for power generation, please contact us.