Automobile / vehicle construction

LVDT sensors from Messotron are used to measure variables such as position, movement, distance, vibration, strain, inclination, material thickness and layer thickness. Applications in the field of automotive and vehicle construction are for example:

Qualitätssicherung Bauteilprüfung Spritzgussteil

Component testing Quality assurance

Inductive sensors, especially inductive Probe sensors, are used in series production for quality assurance and component testing.

For this purpose, one or more displacement transducers are positioned on an inspection fixture or an inspection robot in such a way that the component is scanned at the critical points. In this way, a multi-dimensional profile of the measured component is created with a single measurement, which enables a statement to be made about the dimensional accuracy.

In addition to the high resolution - theoretically infinite with LVDT / LVIT - factors such as compliance with the contact pressure and a very long service life are important here. Since the measuring principle of inductive sensors is basically wear-free, the bearing of the sensing mechanism is of particular importance in the design. 

In addition, the easy interchangeability of the devices plays an important role. For this purpose, the Probe sensors are usually calibrated to 80mV/V, so that when a device is exchanged, a calibration process is no longer necessary. 

Products: WT, WTA, WTG, WTH 


Wheel test bench / Driving dynamics test bench

Dynamic test rigs have replaced a large part of the practical driving tests during the development of a vehicle. Here, driving cycles of the most varied load situations are simulated via hydraulic drives. The wheel and the entire vehicle are subjected to very high accelerations and forces.

Thanks to their high dynamics and wear-free measuring principle, LVDT cylinder displacement transducers are suitable for use in the test cylinders of such test benches. The dynamic bandwidth, which is 500Hz in the standard version, can be significantly increased in special versions, enabling highly dynamic yet precise measurement.

Products: WLH, WLG, DLH, WLC

Bauteilprüfung Crashtest

Crash test benches

Crash tests and other tests in which the component is destroyed are highly dynamic applications for the measurement technology used. The sensors are exposed to very high accelerations in some cases.

MESSOTRON has developed special versions of the inductive LVDT sensors for this purpose, which can withstand accelerations of several hundred g. In addition to the materials used and the manufacturing processes of the plunger cores, high sampling rates or a high dynamic bandwidth are important. This is adapted to the requirements of the application by means of the Carrier frequency, if necessary, which enables highly dynamic and yet precise measurement.


Engine test benches

Engine test benches are used in the automotive industry for research and development as well as in production to perform measurements on running engines. The considerable effort involved is justified by the further optimization of the performance, efficiency and running characteristics of drive units.

MESSOTRON supplies well-known car manufacturers as well as test laboratories of German universities with sensors for distance, inclination and motion measurement for various measurements.


Suspension travel measurement

Measuring the spring travel in vehicles for test purposes or in the production of special vehicles presents engineers with numerous challenges. The integration of a measurement setup is often a difficult matter for reasons of space alone. Added to this are high dynamics, heavy contamination and corresponding IP protection.  

The strain gauge-based elastomer sensors with fully integrated evaluation electronics are a simple and cost-effective solution for this. Due to their complete encapsulation in high-performance elastomer, they are very well suited to withstand the adverse conditions. The sensors provide a4...20mA / 0...10V signal directly and are therefore very easy to integrate into the setup. The sensors are available in the nominal ranges 5-250mm.