Machine monitoring industrial plants

The areas of application for continuous machine monitoring or condition monitoring are very diverse. They can be found wherever critical machines and plants have to perform their service reliably and the acquisition of sensory data contributes to the safety and efficiency of the plant. Examples of such plant types are:

  • Turbomachinery in industrial power generation
  • Pumps and drive units of machines
  • Large fans and blowers in manufacturing
  • Rolling mills in steel production and processing
  • Rolling mills in paper / corrugated board production
  • Conveyor and conveyor belts

Our service offer

MESSOTRON offers a range of sensors and signal converters / evaluation cards designed for use in continuous machine monitoring in harsh industrial environments. These include a wide range of LVDT/LVIT displacement sensors and Probe sensors for distance and position measurement, strain gauge elastomer sensors for flexible distance measurement of moving components, a large portfolio of eddy current sensors (Eddy-Current Proximity sensors) for high precision and dynamic distance or thickness measurement of small gaps and for speed measurement as tachometers, as well as the electrodynamic or piezoresistive vibration sensors for determination of acceleration and vibration.

In addition, MESSOTRON offers a comprehensive on-site installation and power plant service for the assembly, testing, maintenance and commissioning of sensors and measurement technology in industrial plants. The services offered include:

  • Professional dismantling of old sensors for testing and reassembly
    Installation of sensors, transmitters and control technology components
  • Functional testing on site for displacement / distance / speed / vibration sensors
  • Control cabinet installation as well as cable laying to the machine or plant
  • Testing and calibration of sensors and measuring chains in the laboratory
  • Retrofitting or conversion of existing systems (assembly, function check, commissioning)
  • Manufacturer-independent procurement of OEM and spare parts
  • Troubleshooting and commissioning of control equipment

With MESSOTRON you have access to many years of experience in the field of machine monitoring and machine protection.

We are flexible and can also work for you on Sundays and public holidays.

Applications machine monitoring

Monitoring Turbomachinery / Power Plants
  • Absolute casing expansion turbine
  • Housing expansion / relative expansion turbine
  • Axial position / axial shaft position Turbine
  • Shaft / roller vibration Generator
  • Bearing vibration of all exciters
  • Shaft vibration of all units
  • Speed monitoring of all units
  • Valve position / valve travel sensor
  • Vibration monitoring of induced draught
  • Running monitoring of boiler feed pumps
  • Running monitoring of cooling water pumps
  • Running monitoring of condensate pumps
Other systems
  • Pressure and temperature monitoring
  • Wind turbine monitoring
  • Monitoring of building structures
  • Tank pressures and levels
  • Web tension adjustment

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