LVIT - Mode of operation

LVIT - Linear Variable Inductance Transducer (all MESSOTRON types Wxx, except WP)

Electrically a displacement sensor according to the LVIT principle consists of a coil with a center pickup or two coils wired in series with each other. A ferromagnetic core which moves inside a coil (immersion core) changes the behavior (inductance) of the coil (halves) with the change of position. In the center position, it causes both coils to be influenced equally, thus exhibiting the same apparent impedance.


If the core is moved from its center position, the apparent impedances of the LVIT changes in both measuring coils inversely, which can be displayed on a connected conditioning electronic component proportional to the displacement.

Inductive displacement sensors as LVITs are characterized by economical construction and thus, producibility ,  higher accuracy classes and lower temperature drifts can be achieved relatively easily.

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