What can we do for you?

Selection of the correct measurement technology, in particular customer-specific design, requires due care and consultation. We wish to provide you with the best service possible in all phases of the decision, from the first information/consultation through to order processing and delivery, and any subsequent questions. We therefore offer you numerous services for your support.

Should you, however, still lack support, we are happy to address your concerns (Contact).

Product filters
On our website, we make an effort to provide you with the most relevant information in advance. To this end, there is a product filter available for each primary product group. These are intended to help you find the suitable or specific products or product types.

Data sheets for most of our products are available for free download on our website.

Do you have some of our products? Are you already a customer? When you register, you can request your access information and, after logging in, you can access the user manuals and additional documents.

You can of course request the desired documents from us at any time.

Do you have technical questions?
We have compiled information and explanations concerning some of the technical topics (e.g. inductive displacement sensors, eddy current sensors, measuring amplifiers) for you on the “Mode of Operation” page. Product features and differences are also described in more detail there.

Important technical terms are explained on the “FAQ/Terminology” page.

If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us.

Professional onsite consultation
For more complex questions, we are happy to visit your location for a no-obligation presentation of our products or for consultation. Please contact us.

No-obligation quote
We create a no-obligation quote for all inquiries, usually within two business days. We will contact you if we need additional information from you.

Try it out first…
Have you found a suitable system among our standard products but want to ensure that it suits your application first? If so, we can provide you with a sample device for testing (depending on availability, standard or comparable). Feel free to inquire.

Perfectly tailored to your application…
In rare cases, you may not find an optimally suited standard product for your application. In that case, a specific version is often the overall most economical solution. Let us know your requirements and we will quickly create a recommendation for you based on our 40 years of experience in customer-specific development, design and production.

You’ll find more under Customer-specific.

Order processing
We immediately review your order upon receiving it. We will contact you without delay if explanation/follow-up questions are necessary. . Otherwise, you will receive an order confirmation for your review; usually within two business days.

If, one week from sending your order, you still have not received a response or order confirmation, please contact us immediately to make sure the order was not lost in shipment/transmission.

Delivery times
Our usual delivery time for standard products is three to four weeks. In many cases, we can even deliver customer-specific designs and redevelopments in six to eight weeks.

Express service
If an urgent or emergency situation arises and a delivery part or replacement device is urgently required, please use our express service (additional charge). We will then fabricate—often even customer-specific products—with the highest priority and can deliver many products in the near-term (depending on product and capacity, often in a few days).

Measurement protocols
Our sensors are tested on calibrated measurement devices before shipping. That way, we can ensure consistent high quality of the sensors. Depending on the scope of delivery, a measurement protocol is delivered with the sensor or can be requested for a minimal fee. For sensors which have already been delivered, these measurement protocols can be delivered subsequently for a fee (Request).

Long-term availability
Long-term availability (ability to supply for years to come) is an important logistical criterion. Our products, even customer-specific versions, remain deliverable for a long time (over 10 to 15 years, usually significantly longer—as long as they are not restricted due to delivery-related issues), even if they are no longer carried on our website.

If a competitor’s product is no longer deliverable, we are the specialist with years of experience and can offer you a compatible alternative in many cases.

Simply ask us !

If, however, a problem or fault arises which cannot be eliminated even with the information in our documentation, this website or with a telephone call, you are welcome to send the product to us (at your cost, please). Please provide a delivery note and a sufficiently precise description of the fault with all shipments.

We will quickly (and in most cases, at no cost) determine the basic functionality and provide you with an appropriately quick response. If additional test or repairs are necessary, you will receive a cost estimate with details concerning the repair options and duration, usually within two weeks.

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