Displacement sensors

With inductive displacement sensors from Messotron, any mechanical/physical magnitude which can be transformed into a distance can be measured. These sensors are used in the measurement of, for example,

  • movements,
  • shifting of position,
  • gaps,
  • vibrations,
  • expansion,
  • inclines,
  • temperature expansion,
  • material strengths,
  • and many additional measurement tasks

Messotron displacement sensors have proven themselves in the last few decades in the following applications among others:

  • as pressure-resistant systems in hydraulic cylinders for measurement of piston position
  • as a compact variant in hydraulic valves for precise measurement of the valve float position
  • as a standard or custom variant in production automation for acquisition of, for example, press displacements
  • as an extremely rugged version in steel factories for measurement and setting of steel panel thicknesses
  • in testing facilities, for example in the automotive industry for acquisition of test vibrations
  • in facilities for high-dynamic material testing
  • in power production for measurement of temperature expansion
  • in research for testing facilities
  • in the field of elevators for acquisition of elevator position

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