DC measuring amplifier

MESSOTRON miniature DC measuring amplifiers are well suited, for example, for DMS in full, half and quarter bridge circuits. They can be installed in a variety of places and are very space-saving. They can be readjusted at any time using the integrated setting elements.

Carrier frequency-measuring amplifiers suitable for DMS operation can be found at our multi-channel and laboratory measuring amplifiers.


2-wire DMS-measuring amplifier MDM

  • efficient supply from the current loop
  • suitable for DMS starting at 350 Ohm
  • Output 4…20 mA
  • precision potentiometers for zero point and amplification

DMS miniature amplifier MDU

  • Sub-miniature version, optionally in D-sub plug
  • alternately with connection clamps and trim potentiometers
  • sensitivity ±2 mV/V
  • suitable for all DMS starting at 350 Ohm (120 Ohm upon request)
  • Signal output 0.5…4.5 VDC (2.5 ±2 VDC)
  • Power supply +5 VDC or +7.5...+27 VDC


  • other sensitivities


DMS miniature amplifier MDV

DMS display module MDV

  • probably smallest DMS measuring amplifier with display
  • suitable for DMS > 80 Ohm
  • zero point and amplification adjustable
  • 3.5 digit display, decimal point freely selectable
  • Power supply +12…+24 VDC

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