Measuring transmitters for condition monitoring

The measuring transmitter modules in the RM series serve to measure and monitor

  • bearing or housing vibrations
  • relative expansion and gaps
  • (relative) shaft vibration
  • maximum vibrations (vectorial)

on, for instance, machines, turbines or generators by means of evaluating eddy current or seismic sensors that are operating contact-free. In accordance with DIN 45670, the sensor signals are evaluated in the form of a proportional DC current and simultaneously output as voltage for analysis purposes.


  • compact DIN rail modules
  • power supply +18…+30 VDC
  • integrated sensor power supply
  • output 4…20mA
  • IP20 protection class/operating temperature up to 70°C
  • integrated sensor/self-monitoring

You can find an overview of the RM measuring transmitter modules here.

RM module RD

RM module LS

  • Measurement of bearing or housing vibrations
  • 1 channel module for seismic sensor
  • evaluation of the displacement (peak value) with module LS-SP or
    the vibration speed (effective value) with module LS-RMS
RM module RD

RM module RD

  • Contact-free gap measurement with eddy current measuring chain
  • acquisition of relative expansion, shift and gap
  • 1 channel module with potentiometer for adjusting the sensor
RM module RD

RM module WS

  • Measurement of (relative) shaft vibrations
  • 1 channel module for eddy current measuring chain
  • evaluation of the amplitude
RM module RD

RM module Smax

  • 2 channel evaluation of (relative) shaft vibrations
    with geometric-additive determination of the maximum
  • module for two upstream WS modules
    90° offset eddy current sensors
  • bus system for connection with the WS modules

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