Carrier frequency (CF) measuring amplifiers are used for operating inductive, resistive and capacitive measuring bridges. The CF procedure is characterized by a high level of noise immunity and low temperature sensitivity – even with long connecting cables. The following models are available for various requirements:

The ultra-compact DC measuring amplifier, MDx, is intended for operation of DMS quarter, half and full bridges. They combine high precision and low power consumption in the smallest space possible.

With these economical simulators and calibrators, CF and DC measuring amplifiers can both be tested and set.

The RM measuring transmitter modules are used in the field of vibration measurement for evaluation and analysis of contact-free eddy current and seismic sensors (condition monitoring).

You can find power supplies, spare parts and accessories for our measuring amplifiers here.

You will find an overview of our most important series of measuring amplifiers (an excerpt from our extensive product range) here.

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