Analogue single-channel measuring amplifier / evaluation board for measuring absolute housing vibrations by means of electrodynamic / seismic sensors
  • Compact top-hat rail module
  • Peak value and rms value evaluation (0-P/P-P/RMS)
  • Measuring range 10...100mV/mm/s at 10 ... 1000Hz
  • Supply voltage 18...30 VDC
  • Output signal 4...20 mA
  • Decoupled raw signal output for verification
  • Integrated sensor / self-monitoring

Technical data

Measuring range 10...100mV/mm/s  at 10...1000Hz
Suitable sensors / measuring chains Seismic / Electrodynamic Vibration Sensors
Type of processing Peak value rectification / RMS value rectification
Supply voltage 18 ... 36 VDC
Power consumption max. 100 mA
Sensor sensitivity adjustment by means of a fixed resistor
Measuring range adjustment by means of a fixed resistor
Tape fit adjustment by means of a fixed resistor
Default setting MB: 0...20mm/s or 0...50µm / Iout 4...20mA at Vin 28,8mV/mm/s
Measuring circuit monitoring Power failure / signal error
Output signal in case of error 0mA / Green LED goes out
Hold time error signal (0mA) 20 Seconds
Material module housing Polycarbonat
Protection class IP 20
Permissible operating temperature -20 ... +70 °C
Connection according to UL standard AWG/kcmil: 30-12
Clamps for wire cross-section 0,2 to 1 mm2

Circuit diagram and function

Signal conditioning

The output signal of the sensor is divided into three function paths at the signal input:
  • Signal conditioning
  • Decoupling for the analysis output
  • Measuring circuit monitoring
In signal conditioning, the AC signal is normalised to the measuring range, passed through a bandpass filter and rectified in the peak value rectifier.
rectified in the peak value rectifier. The signal is converted into a standard current signal and output as a 4...20 mA signal.

At the test output, the sensor signal is available unfiltered and decoupled for measuring and analysis purposes.

The measuring circuit monitoring detects a sensor defect as well as a power failure. In the event of a fault, the Current output is switched to 0 mA and the green LED goes out.


Schaltbild LS-Modul

Dimensional drawings

Compact design

Housing dimensions approx. 90 x 62 x 2TE

Maßzeichnung Module
Module Grundmaße


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