Analogue single-channel measuring amplifier / evaluation board for measuring distances and relative strains by means of eddy current sensors
  • Compact top-hat rail module
  • Measuring range 1 ... 35mm
  • Supply voltage 18...30 VDC
  • Output signal 4...20 mA
  • Decoupled raw signal output for verification
  • Integrated sensor power supply
  • Integrated sensor / self-monitoring
  • Alarm function upper/lower thresholds

Technical data

Measuring range 1 ...35mm (adjustable)
Suitable sensors / measuring chains Eddy current sensors with signal converter
Power supply sensor / electrode -24VDC / 35mA
Supply voltage RD module 18 ... 36 VDC
Current consumption RD module max. 130 mA
Measuring range setting by means of a fixed resistor
Inverting the measuring signal by means of a fixed resistor
Default setting Uin: -4...-20VDC / Iout 4...20mA
Offset / zero point correction +/- 10% by means of potentiometer
Measuring circuit monitoring Power failure / signal error
Output signal in case of error 0mA / green LED goes out
Hold time error signal (0mA) 20 seconds
Material module housing Polycarbonate
Protection (DIN 40050) IP 20
Permissible operating temperature -20 ... +70 °C
Electrical connection according to UL standard AWG/kcmil: 30-12
Clamps for wire cross-section 0,2 up to 1 mm2

Circuit diagram and function

Signal conditioning

The output signal of the sensor is divided into three function paths at the signal input:

Signal conditioning
Decoupling for the analysis output
Measuring circuit monitoring

In signal conditioning, it is possible to shift the characteristic electrically and to invert the direction of action. The signal is converted into a current signal and output as a 4...20 mA standard signal.

At the test output, the sensor signal is available unfiltered and decoupled for measuring and analysis purposes.

The measuring circuit monitoring detects a sensor defect as well as a voltage failure. In the event of a fault, the current output is switched to 0 mA and the green ok LED goes out.
Circuit diagram

Dimensional drawings

Compact design

Housing dimensions approx. 90 x 62 x 2TE

Dimensional drawing modules
basic dimensions of module


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