LVDT sensor DTK 50 AE

Heavy-duty inductive displacement transducer with 50mm measuring range for industrial applications in production, testing, quality assurance, especially in power plants for measuring turbine housing expansion. The Probe sensor with a Case diameter of 20mm and internal spring has a coil unit with fully symmetrical coil design according to the LVDT differential transformer principle / full bridge circuit. The precision bearing of the sensing rod enables high load cycles even in harsh environments. Variants with different connection versions of plugs and cables with and without metal protection hose as well as for operation of increased temperature are available.

Special versions according to customer specifications are possible. 

Important features

  • Nominal stroke: 50 mm to 100 mm
  • Case diameter: 25 mm
  • Operating temperature: Probe sensor: 0 °C ... +120 °C, electronics: 0 °C ... +60 °C
  • Probe: IP 64, electronics: IP 62 (plugged)


  DTK 50 AE
Nominal stroke up to 50 mm (up to +/-25 mm, always symmetrical around centre position)
Mechan. Travel (max) 52 (± 26) mm
Centre position mechanical: distance between end face and end of measuring rod approx. 27 mm
electrical: determine minimum with (potential-free !) DVM in measuring range (e.g. 0.2) VAC between pin 5 and 6
Probe head e.g. MBI 46.31 / 46.32
Supply nominal +24 VDC (range +22 ... +30 VDC) / 60 mA, filtered, reverse polarity protected
Electrical connection Version /2: 2-wire current loop, 4 ... 20 mA (centre at 12 mA)
Version /4: 4-(/3-)wire, i.e. separate supply and Current output 4 ... 20 mA (centre at 12 mA)
Version /40: 4-(/3-)wire, i.e. separate supply and Current output 0 ... 20 mA (centre at 10 mA)
Output signal 4 (0) ... 20 mA for +25 ... -25 mm (4 or 0 mA = probe rod pulled out, 20 mA = probe rod pushed in),
Zero point at approx. 12 (10) mA, adjustable approx. +/- 1 mA
Max. load 500 Ohm
Cut-off frequency 20 Hz
Operating temperature Probe sensor with connection cable: 0 °C ... +120 °C
Electronics (in connector): 0 °C ... +60 °C
Protection class according to DIN 40050 Probe sensor: IP64, electronics: IP62 (plugged)

Dimensional drawings


The probe can be moved and rotated in the clamping device after loosening the screws.

dtk dimensional drawing

Electrical connection

dtk pin configuration
Pin Signal (2-wire version) Signal (3-/4-wire version)
1 Us+ of the 2-wire loop Us+ (Supply)
2 COM COM 1 1)
3 -- Ia (Output) 2)
4 -- COM 2 1)
5 Test output zero 1 3) Test output zero 1 3)
6 Test output zero 2 3) Test output zero 2 3)

1) COM 1 and COM 2 are not connected internally (4-wire), but can be connected if required (3-wire)
2) Do not overload or short circuit the output
3) Connect potential-free DVM (in ACV range) briefly only for exact (electrical) determination of the midpoint position; contacts must not be occupied during operation; DO NOT short-circuit or load
4 )The cable shield to the probe sensor is connected in the connector housing.


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