LVDT sensor VMI

Heavy-duty inductive displacement transducer with measuring ranges from 20mm to 100mm for use in power plants for measuring the housing expansion of turbines. The robust meetaster in aluminium housing with internal spring and optical scale has a coil unit with fully symmetrical coil construction. The precision bearing of the probe rod allows high load cycles even in harsh environments. Variants with different connection versions of plugs and cables as well as for operation of elevated temperature are available. The integrated electronics can be designed in 2-, 3- and 4-wire technology with different Supply voltages and Output signals.

Important features

  • Nominal stroke: 50 mm to 100 mm
  • Mechanical stroke: 52 mm to 105 mm
  • Case diameter: 3 mm
  • Operating temperature: 0 ... 70 °C
  • Protection class (DIN 40050): IP 64

Technical data

VMI 50 R
VMI 100 R
Range mm ±25 ±50
Mechanical travel mm 52 105
Spring force N F0 ~ 30 (at end position)
Fmax ~ 50 (at start position)
F0 ~ 30 (at end position)
Fmax ~ 70 (at start position)
Weight kg approx. 4 approx. 4,7


VMI 50 R / VMI 100 R
Linearity % FSO ± 0,6
Electr. Dyn. Hz 0 ... 200
Mech. Dyn. Hz 0 ... 5
  Enclosure: Aluminium / Stainless steel; Rod and probe tip: Stainless steel, hardened
Supply US
2-wire system, dep. on load
Load Ohm
max. 500
4 ... 20 (2-wire configuration)
Start position
4 ± 0,15
At inner scale end mark (rod fully retracted)
End position
20 ± 0,30
At outer scale end mark (rod fully extracted)
Operating temperature
0 ... 70

Dimensional drawings

VMI 50

dimensional drawing vmi50-1
dimensional drawing vmi50-2

VMI 100

dimensional drawing vmi100-1
dimensional drawing vmi100-2


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