Proximity sensor MNH 4 

High temperature proximity sensor
  • Measurement of distance, displacement, extension, vibration and rotation
  • contactless measuring by eddy current
  • extended measuring range up to 40mm
  • temperature resistance up to 180°C, special versions up to 230°C
  • up to 10 kHz meas. dynamics
  • rugged design, IP 67 protection
  • customized, OEM and special models
  • separate sensor converter electronics (linearisation, trip point outputs)

Important features

  • Nominal measuring range: 0,5 mm to 4,5 mm
  • Head diameter: 14 mm
  • Dynamic range: up to 10 kHz
  • Operating temperature: Sensor: -30 °C ... +180 °C, special versions up to 230°C
  • Protection: IP 67

Technical data

ref. to material 42CrMo4 (1.7225)
    MNH 4
Nominal measuring range 1) ± 2 (0,5 ... 4,5 mm)
Sensitivity 2) 4 V/mm
Minimum gap > 0,5 mm
Head diameter Ø 14 mm
Coil type Ferrite core
housing M18, Option: UNF
Length L 55 mm, Option: < 70 mm
Cable length (w/o ext.) 1 or 4 m
Bending radius 3) 35 mm
Connector (Standard) Lemo FFA.0E
Material Housing: stainless steel Head: PEEK Cable: Teflon
Operating temperature Sensor: -30°C ... +180°C, special versions: up to +230°C
cable end: max. 80°C
Linearity Up to +/-2% o.v., dep. on converter
Dynamic range Up to 10 kHz, dep. on converter
Protection (DIN 40050) IP 67
Connection Teflon-coax cable, free wires, connector or intermittent connection;
Option: protective metal tubing

1) Range extension (2x to 4x) with digital converter MNHμCON
2) w/ adjustment acc. to API 670
3) Radius valid for cable as well as for protective tube

compatible w/ converter Philips CON 010 (with 4m connecting cable)

Model list

    Shortcut MNH 4
M10 x 1 M10 --
M18 x 1,5 M18
3/8"-24UNF U38 --
5/8"-18UNF U58 optional
Other   optional
Length Standard   55 mm
Other (in 5 mm steps)   < 70 mm
Coax cable K
Coax cable w/prot. metal tubing M optional
Cable length Length 1 m 1 --
Length 4 m 4
Other in m (max 5)   optional
Cable end
Open wires without optional
Plug Lemo PCA.00 L optional
Connector Lemo FFA.00 /Z L optional
Connector Lemo FFA.OE /Z L
Other (custom)   optional

Mechanical drawing / connections


mechanical drawing mnh4


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