Converter for HT sensors

The eddy current converter, MNHCON, is used primarily for operating the MESSOTRON high-temperature (HT) sensors. The proven analog switching technology is simple to calibrate and ensures a high level of operational safety throughout the entire measuring chain.

The processor-based variants of the MNHµCON converter are recommended for applications with increased demands on linearity and temperature characteristics, or for special geometric or material characteristics of the object being measured. PC software is available for configuring the MNHµCON which also permits convenient linearization of various sensors in the field (teach-in).



  • Sensor linearizing can be set via potentiometers
  • Output signal 4...20 mA or 2...18 VDC
  • 2 separate outputs for thresholds
  • Power supply +21...+30 VDC
  • cast-aluminum housing


  • other output range


  • flexible fitting to varying objects to be measured
  • for all eddy current sensors with 1 MHz operating frequency
  • Linearity typically 1% (in the case of individual matching <<1%)
  • dynamic range 0...10 kHz (-3dB)
  • voltage or current output adjustable
  • 2 additional threshold switches
  • user-friendly configuration interface


  • IP65 protected cast-aluminum housing

Plug adapter

  • rugged version of the processor-based MNHµCON
  • integrated measurement circuit monitoring with output shut-off
  • freely configurable voltage output (0...20 VDC)
  • additional test sockets for interruption-free pickup   of the output signal during commissioning and maintenance
  • Power supply 19...32 VDC, max. 40 mA


  • negative operating and output voltage -19...-30 VDC or 0...-20 VDC, reduced current usage (typically 20 mA)

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