The continuously measuring eddy current sensors are intended for analog determination of distance and/or position of electrically conductive objects. The contact-free measuring principle is not sensitive to contamination from non-conductive media and is especially well-suited for use in harsh industrial environments.

Special electronics (eddy current converter) converts the sensor values altered by the object being measured into an analog output signal proportional to the distance of the object (e.g. 0...10 V or 4...20 mA).

Eddy current sensors with integrated electronics can be used in standard industrial applications.

High-temperature (HT) proximity sensors are available for environments with high temperatures and for applications which require measurements with a high dynamic range. In that case, separate electronics are needed.

With the MESSOTRON HT eddy current measuring chains, which come from the factory completely calibrated, service-friendly plug & play solutions are offered which reduce the installation effort to a minimum.


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