LVDT /LVIT Overview

LVDT (transformer) and LVIT (inductive half bridge) sensors are proven, reliable measurement options for acquiring data on displacement and positions, featuring contact-free and low-wear acquisition and high possible measurement dynamics. Messotron uses exclusively high-quality materials which ensures extraordinary robustness and provides decades of maintenance-free operation.

LVDT and LVIT sensors are passive sensors (so-called AC/AC sensors) which require conditioning (carrier frequency) electronics to operate; either integrated in the displacement sensor or installed in a separate housing.

      • LVDT and LVIT Probes with a guided immersion core which is pressed onto the object being measured by means of springs and traces the movement of the object,
      • pressure-resistant versions of LVDT and LVIT sensors which can be used for applications subject to pressure, e.g. hydraulic valves or hydraulic cylinders, through the appropriately robust encapsulation (made possible by the contact-free measuring principle),
      • LVDT and LVIT sensors with integrated electronics (often referred to as a DC/DC sensor), in which the conditioning electronics (CF measuring amplifier) required for operation are already integrated. (Not intended for use in very harsh conditions or at high temperatures).

The immersion core is an integral component in the sensor scope of delivery and does not need to be ordered separately.

We also offer appropriate accessories for LVDT and LVIT sensors.

You will find an overview of our most important series of LVDT and LVIT sensors (an excerpt from our extensive product range) here.

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